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Personal trainer for weight loss, fitness and martial arts
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My name is Jackson and I am a professional athlete/ trainer. I have been teaching and competing for more than 10+ years. I had competed in the amateur/professional level and still competing at the highest level for the passion of the sport and staying fit. I had been training at various mix martial arts gyms and now teaching at the Cuban boxing academy (Gym 76).

I offer private lessons for boxing and kickboxing for all levels (novices to intermediates) for those who want to compete for local, provincial competitions or just for fitness.

What do my classes offer?



-Weight loss

-Self Defense

-Muscular endurance

-Cardiovascular endurance




-basketball training

Focus on training:

The objective of my class to improve your physical conditioning (such as improving on better breathing techniques, coordination and increase strength and power) and psychological conditioning (Ig. Increase on self-confidence, optimistic thinking, and positive reinforcement).

Prices are flexible depending on your goal.

Please contact me at:


Phone: 514-910-7532