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Best Hotel/Restaurant Management(Billing) Software Services with Demo
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Manually updating your hotel information on spreadsheets is a thing of the past. Now hotels, regardless of their sizes, are bringing hotel management software into usage to yield better outputs. If you are the owner of a Hotel or any hospitality establishment looking for great hotel management software then you are at the right place. BR Softech's Hospitality practice delivers business aligned, software solutions and services to the hospitality industry.
The basic Hotel Management modules are:
Banquet Booking & Billing Module
Front office management Module
Store Inventory Module
Laundry Module
Mini Bar Module
Restaurant Module
We have multifunctional, and highly integrated POS and PMS system that one software can take care of all your hospitality needs such as front office, reservation, housekeeping, sales, marketing, accounting, payroll, finance and guest feedback.
Nitin Garg
Phone: (+91)9982201414 (What's App / Viber),